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Still toxic. Ten years after a botnet takedown. AUSCERT-2015 - Gold Coast,Austrailia
Big Data, Big Breaches, Big Headaches AusCERT-2014 - Gold Coast,Austrailia
Big Data, Big Breaches, Big Headaches FIRST-2013 - Bankgkok,Thailand Security
Privacy breaches: Whipped cream won't go back in the can AusCERT-2012 - Gold Coast, Austrailia Security
Well, here's another nice mess you've gotten me into! AUScert-2011 - Gold Coast, Australia
Security FAIL: We're doing it wrong. AUScert-2010 - Gold Coast, Australia
Speed-debating: Topics in information security AUScert-2010 - Gold Coast, Australia
Keynote: Security Fail - We'Re Doing It Wrong t2-2009 - Helsinki, Finland Security
Teh Internetz are pwned HackingAtRandom-2009 - Vierthouten,Netherlands
VoIP fraud: Understanding incident response that costs real money. AUScert-2009 - Gold Coast, Australia
Building a Walled Garden - Abuse and Incident Handling Tooling for Network Managers AUScert-2008 - Gold Coast, Australia
What have you done for us lately? What your ISP can, and should do in the fight against internet abuse AUScert-2008 - Gold Coast, Australia
Provider practicalities and paranoia: Modern ISP incident response – the tooling of incident response at a ISP First-2007 - Seville,Spain
Provider Practicalities and Paranoia: Modern ISP incident response First-2007 - Seville,Spain
Toxbot Takedown and Provider Paranoia: A reflection on modern ISP incident response. AUScert-2007 - Gold Coast, Australia