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Keynote BSidesAugusta-2018 - Augusta, USA
Keynote GrrCon2018-2018 - Grand Rapids, USA
Keynote BSidesBoston-2017 - boston,usa
Invited Speaker: Dave Kennedy lascon-2016 - austin,usa
Social Engineering Panel: Mr. Robot Tech Team - How the hackers behind the show get it so right CSIcyberseed-2016 - conecticut,usa
The Pentesters Framework (PTF) The easy way to roll your own distro. DerbyCon-2015 - louisville,USA
Pivoting Without Rights – Introducing Pivoter Defcon-2015 - Las vegas,usa
Opening Keynote: INFOSEC: Fighting our way to a better tomorrow ISSA-2015 - Los Angeles,USA
Moving a Step Forward Dakotacon-2015 - Dakota,USA
Completely Destroying Education and Awareness Programs Area41-2014 - zurich,switzerland
Keynote: BSidesCincinnati-2014 - Cincinatti,USA
Moving the Industry Forward - The Purple Team DakotaCon-2014 - Madison,USA
Keynote Speaker BSidesColumbus-2014 - Columbus,USA
[EN] Thinking Outside of the Box Nuit-2013 - Paris,France Security
Are we getting better? - Hacking Todays Technology hackinparis-2013 - Paris,France Security
Are we getting better? – Hacking Todays Technology Notacon-2013 - Cleveland,USA Security
Social-Engineering: Not your average cup of Joe Hackcon-2013 - Oslo, Norway Security
Owning one to rule them all SecurityZone-2012 - Cali, Colombia Security
Breaking the Comfort Zone: Penetration Testing Hackfest-2012 - Quebec,Canada Security
DEBATES: Truth & Lies in Security UNITED Security Summit-2012 - San Francisco, USA
Going on the Offensive - Proactive Measures in Securing your UNITED Security Summit-2012 - San Francisco, USA Security
Owning One to Rule Them All DEF CON-20 - Las Vegas, USA
Selling Security - Hackers are the next CSO's. Security B-Sides Atlanta-2011 - Atlanta, USA Security
Hacking Your Victims Over Power Lines Defcon19-2011 - Las Vegas,USA
Where We At? A Look At Information Security Security B-Sides Cleveland-2011 - Cleveland, USA Security