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Title Conference Tags
Borken Fonts: The Story Of Naive Parsers And Attacker Controlled Reboots CanSecWest-2011 - Vancouver, Canada Security
Open seasame : Examining android code with undx2 HITBDubai-2010 - Dubai,UAE
Reconstructing Dalvik Applications (Google Android) SyScan-2009 - Taipei, Taiwan Security Access
Reconstructing Dalvik Applications (Google Android) SyScan-2009 - Singapore Security Access
Decompiling Dalvik and other JavaFX CanSecWest-2009 - Vancouver,Canada
Bad Ideas: Using A Jvm/Clr For Intellectual Property Protection PacSec -2007 - Tokyo, Japan Security
Undermining Security In Vista Wcf PacSec -2006 - Tokyo, Japan Security
Pentesting Java/J2Ee - Discovering Remote Holes HITBSecConf Malaysia-2006 - Kuala Lampur, Malaysia Security Analysis Business
Pentesting J2EE BlackHatDC-2006 - Washington,USA
Hunting Flaws In Jdk Blackhat Europe-2003 - Amsterdam, The Netherlands Security Development
Security Aspects In Java Bytecode Engineering: A Tutorial Blackhat USA-2002 - Las Vegas, USA Security Application Security