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Security Automation Based on Artificial Intelligence phdays-2016 - moscow,russia
Making Machines think about security for fun and profit Nullcon-2016 - goa,india
Hacking Your Cable TV Network: Die Hard Style HITBamsterdam-2015 - Amsterdam,Netherlands
Drone Attacks: How I hijacked a drone nullcon-2015 - goa,india
Security vulnerabilities in DVB-C networks: Hacking Cable TV network part 2 ekoparty-2014 - buenos aires,argentina
Tracking a Cyber Espionage Group TheHackersConference-2014 - delhi,india
APT: Case Study of attackers targeting public tendering c0c0n-2014 - kochi,india
Hacking Your Cable TV Network: Die Hard Style HackInTheBox-2014 - Amsterdam,Netherlands
Hacking YOu'r Cable TV Network. Nullcon-2014 - Goa,India
Static Analysis and Dynamic Instrumentation for Intelligent Exploit Analysis HITBSecConf Malaysia-2013 - Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia
SMS to Meterpreter - Fuzzing USB Modems CanSecWest-2013 - Vancouver, Canada Security
SMS to Meterpreter: Fuzzig USB modems NullCon2013-2013 - Goa, India Security
Fuzzing DTMF Input Processing Algorithms ekoparty-2012 - Buenos Aires, Argentina
CXMI/VXML auditing for IVR pentesters and PCI/DSS consultants HITB-2012 - Amsterdam,Netherkands
IVR Security- Internal Network Attack via Phone Lines Blackhat Europe-2012 - Amsterdam, The Netherlands Security
IVR Security : Internal Network attacks via phone lines NullCon-2012 - Goa, India Security
Penetration Testing A Biometric System Nullcon-2011 - Goa, India Security