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Title Conference Tags
Patch me if you can troopers-2016 - heidelberg,germany
I know what You Coded last Summer Troopers-2015 - Heidelberg,Germany
Risks in hosted SAP Environments Troopers-2014 - Heidelberg, Germany
Static Data Leak Prevention In SAP - The Next Generation Of DLP DeepSec-2013 - Vienna,Austria
Ghost in the Shell TROOPERS-2013 - Heidelberg, Germany
Real SAP Backdoors TROOPERS-2012 - Heidelberg, Germany Security
SQL Injection with ABAP - Ascending From Open SQL Injection to ADBC Injection HITBAmsterdam-2011 - Amsterdam,Netherkands
The Abap Underverse - Risky Abap To Kernel Communication And Abap-Tunneled Buffer Overflows Blackhat Europe-2011 - Barcelona, Spain Security