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Lunch Table Talk - "A Model of Analytic Development: Structure and Application" flocon-2018 - los angeles,usa
The Linux Command Line for Network Traffic Analysis Flocon-2017 - san diego,usa
Metrics-Focused Analysis of Network Flow Data Flocon-2017 - san diego,usa
Merging Network Configuration and Network Traffic Data in ISP-Level Analyses Flocon-2016 - san diego,usa
Planning Curricula for the Network Traffic Analyst of 2018-2020 Flocon-2016 - san diego,usa
"Tim Shimeall is the Senior Network Situational Awareness Analyst of the Cyber Threat and Vulnerability Analysis in the CERT Program at the Software Engineering Institute (SEI). The NetSA team is invo FloCon-2013 - Albuquerque, USA
Exploring The Interactions Between Network Data Analysis And Security Information/Event Management FloCon-2011 - Salt Lake City, USA Security