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Going back to the “Router”, Caro-2017 - krakow,poland
Digital 'Bian Lian' (face changing): the skeleton key malware VirusBulletin-2015 - Prague,czech republic
Ubiquitous Flash, ubiquitous exploits and ubiquitous mitigation VirusBulletin-2014 - seattle,usa
What's Wrong With the Flash? - An Analysis of Adobe Flash Security CaroCon-2012 - Munich, Germany
Gaming the gamers: tricks of the trade in the world of PWS warcraft Virus Bulletin-2010 - Vancouver, Canada Security
I can't go back to yesterday, because I was a different person then Virus Bulletin-2009 - Geneva, Switzerland Security
Playing with shadows - exposing the black market for online game password theft Virus Bulletin-2008 - Ottawa, Canada Security