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The Effect of Constraints on the Number of Viable Permutations of Passwords BSidesLasVegas-2018 - Las Vegas, USA
Microsoft Anti-Virus Extortion Expedience or the Extinction of the AV Industry- The Jury Has Reached A Verdict AVAR-2014 - Sydney,Austrailia
Microsoft Anti-Virus - extortion, expedience, or the extinction of the AV industry: the jury has reached a verdict VirusBulletin-2014 - seattle,usa
Computer security - a social survival skill (sponsor presentation) Virus Bulletin-2011 - Barcelona, Spain Security
Internet Security as a Survival Skill AUScert-2011 - Gold Coast, Australia
Understanding and Teaching Heuristics AUScert-2010 - Gold Coast, Australia
Understanding and teaching bots and botnets Virus Bulletin-2008 - Ottawa, Canada Security
Microsoft Antivirus - extortion, expedience or the extinction of the AV industry? Virus Bulletin-2006 - Montreal, Canada Security
Evolution of an automated virus scanning system Virus Bulletin-2002 - New Orleans, USA Security