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Title Conference Tags
Virtual machines for real malware capture and analysis Virus Bulletin-2009 - Geneva, Switzerland Security
Malware forensics: detecting the unknown Virus Bulletin-2008 - Ottawa, Canada Security
The journey so far: trends, graphs and statistics Virus Bulletin-2007 - Vienna, Austria Security
Rootkits: risks, issues and prevention Virus Bulletin-2006 - Montreal, Canada Security
Bots and botnets – risks, issues and prevention Virus Bulletin-2005 - Dublin, Ireland Security
Canning more than SPAM with Bayesian filtering Virus Bulletin-2004 - Chicago, USA Security
Worm charming: taking SMB Lure to the next level Virus Bulletin-2003 - Toronto, Canada Security
When worlds collide: head banging in IT security Virus Bulletin-2002 - New Orleans, USA Security