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A Simple Obfuscation Scheme for Pattern-Matching with Wildcards Crypto2018-2018 - Santa Barbara, USA
Optimal-Rate Non-Committing Encryption asiacrypt-2017 - hong kong,china
Multi-Input Inner-Product Functional Encryption from Pairings EuroCrypt-2017 - paris,france
Decentralized Authorization and Privacy-Enhanced Routing for Information-Centric Networks ACSAC-2015 - los angeles,usa
Semantically Secure Order-Revealing Encryption: Multi-input Functional Encryption Without Obfuscation EuroCrypt-2015 - Soia,Bulgaria
Co-Location-Resistant Clouds CCSW-2014 - Arizona,USA
Garbled RAM Revisited EuroCrypt-2014 - copenhagen,denmark
Scaling Private Set Intersection to Billion-Element Sets FinanCryptandInfoSec-2014 - Accra,Barbados
Adaptive and Concurrent Secure Computation from New Adaptive, Non-Malleable Commitments asiacrypt-2013 - Bengalore,India
Privacy Enhanced Access Control for Outsourced Data Sharing Financial Cryptography and Data Security-2013 - Bonaire,Netherlands
Secure Efficient Multiparty Computing of Multivariate Polynomials and Applications. ACNS-2011 - Spain