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Title Conference Tags
Cryptanalysis of MORUS Asiacrypt2018-2018 - Brisbane, Australia
Boomerang Connectivity Table: A New Cryptanalysis Tool EuroCryptTelAviv-2018 - Tel Aviv, Israel
A Security Analysis of Deoxys and its Internal Tweakable Block Ciphers FSE2018-2018 - Bruges, Belgium
MILP Modeling for (Large) S-boxes to Optimize Probability of Differential Characteristics FSE2018-2018 - Bruges, Belgium
Refined Probability of Differential Characteristics Including Dependency Between Multiple Rounds FSE2018-2018 - Bruges, Belgium
Quantum Multicollision-Finding Algorithm asiacrypt-2017 - hong kong,china
New Impossible Differential Search Tool from Design and Cryptanalysis Aspects EuroCrypt-2017 - paris,france
Meet-in-the-Middle Attacks on Classes of Contracting and Expanding Feistel Constructions FSE-2017 - tokyo,japan
Invariant Subspace Attack Against Midori64 and The Resistance Criteria for S-box Designs FSE-2017 - tokyo,japan
Cryptanalysis of Reduced NORX FSE-2016 - bochum,germany
Analysis of the CAESAR Candidate Silver ICSAC-2015 - sackville,canada
A New Mode of Operation for Incremental Authenticated Encryption with Associated Data ICSAC-2015 - sackville,canada
Authenticated Encryption RSAus-2015 - San Francisco,USA
Meet-in-the-Middle Attacks on Generic Feistel Constructions AsiaCrypt-2014 - kaohsiung,taiwan
Message Extension Attack for Breaking Integrity of Authenticated Encryption CANS-2014 - crete,greece
Updates on Generic Attacks against HMAC and NMAC crypto-2014 - california,usa
Memoryless Unbalanced Meet-in-the-Middle Attacks: Impossible Results and Applications ACNS-2014 - Lausanne, Switzerland
Equivalent Key Recovery Attacks against HMAC and NMAC with Whirlpool Reduced to 7 Rounds FSE-2014 - London,UK
Hash Function Cryptanalysis RSACon-2014 - San Francisco, USA
Cryptanalysis of HMAC/NMAC-Whirlpool asiacrypt-2013 - Bengalore,India
Limited-birthday Distinguishers for Hash Functions Collisions Beyond the Birthday Bound can be Meaningful asiacrypt-2013 - Bengalore,India
Meet-in-the-Middle Preimage Attacks Revisited - New Results on MD5 and HAVAL SECrypt-2013 - Reykjavik, Iceland
Investigating Fundamental Security Requirements on Whirlpool: Improved Preimage and Collision Attacks ASIACRYPT-2012 - Beijing,China
Generic Related-key Attacks for HMAC ASIACRYPT-2012 - Beijing,China
Distinguishers Beyond Three Rounds of RIPEMD-128/-160 Compression Functions 10th International Conference on Applied Cryptography and Network Security-2012 - Singapore
Distinguishers Beyond Three Rounds of RIPEMD-128/-160 Compression Functions ACNS-2013 - Alberta,Canada
Preimage Attacks on 5-Pass HAVAL Reduced to 158-Steps and One-Block 3-Pass HAVAL. ACNS-2011 - Spain