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DroidEvolver: Self-Evolving Android Malware Detection System IEEEEuroS&P-2019 - Stockholm, Sweden
DeepRefiner: Multi-layer Android Malware Detection System Applying Deep Neural Networks IEEEEuropeanSymposiumS&P-2018 - London, United Kingdom
Panel Discussion: Verification & Vulnerability Analysis SGCRC-2018 - Singapore, Singapore
Project 3: Secure Mobile Centre: Technologies and Solutions for Securing Mobile Computing sgcrc-2017 - singapore,singapore
Session 1 sgcrc-2017 - singapore,singapore
Attribute-Based Secure Messaging in the Public Cloud sgcrc-2017 - singapore,singapore
Secure Mobile Centre – Technologies and Solutions for Securing Mobile Computing CRC-2016 - uni of singapore,singapore
Techniques for Securing Scalable Multimedia Content in Server-Proxy-User Distribution Networks IPSEC-2015 - Beijing,China
Fully Secure Key-Policy Attribute-Based Encryption with Constant-Size Ciphertexts and Fast Decryption asiaccs-2014 - kyoto,japan
Understanding OSN-Based Facial Disclosure against Face Authentication Systems asiaccs-2014 - kyoto,japan
Identity-Based Encryption Secure Against Selective Opening Chosen-Ciphertext Attack EuroCrypt-2014 - copenhagen,denmark
ROPecker: A Generic and Practical Approach For Defending Against ROP Attacks NDSS-2014 - San Diego,USA
Expressive Search on Encrypted Data ASIACCS-2013 - Hangzhou,China
A New Framework for Privacy of RFID Path Authentication 10th International Conference on Applied Cryptography and Network Security-2012 - Singapore
A New Framework for Privacy of RFID Path Authentication ACNS-2013 - Alberta,Canada
Hierarchical Identity-Based Chameleon Hash and its Applications. ACNS-2011 - Spain