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Title Conference Tags
Attribute-Based Signatures for Unbounded Languages from Standard Assumptions Asiacrypt2018-2018 - Brisbane, Australia
Memory Lower Bounds of Reductions Revisited EuroCryptTelAviv-2018 - Tel Aviv, Israel
A Privacy-Enhanced Access Log Management Mechanism in SSO Systems from Nominative Signatures TrustCOM-2014 - bejing,china
Self-bilinear Map on Unknown Order Groups from Indistinguishability Obfuscation and Its Applications crypto-2014 - california,usa
All-but-One Dual Projective Hashing and Its Applications ACNS-2014 - Lausanne, Switzerland
A Revocable Group Signature Scheme From Identity-Based Revocation Techniques: Achieving Constant-size Revocation List ACNS-2014 - Lausanne, Switzerland
Revocable Group Signature with Constant-size Revocation List asiaccs-2014 - kyoto,japan
A Scalable Group Signature Scheme with Revocation in the Random Oracle Model asiaccs-2014 - kyoto,japan
Partially Wildcarded Attribute-based Encryption and Its Efficient Construction SECrypt-2013 - Reykjavik, Iceland
A Group Signature Scheme with Unbounded Message-Dependent Opening ASIACCS-2013 - Hangzhou,China
Non-transferable User Certification Secure Against Authority Information Leaks and Impersonation Attacks. ACNS-2011 - Spain