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DNC Hacked Data in the Hands of a Trained Intelligence Professional BsidesNova-2018 - washington,usa
DNC Hacked Data In The Hands Of A Trained Intelligence Professional skydogcon-2017 - nashville,usa
“Building an Applied Intelligence Model” Skydogcon-2016 - nashville,usa
Panel: Building and Growing a Hacker Space DerbyCon-2013 - Louisville,Kentucky
Finding The Signal in the Noise: Quantifying Advanced Malware DerbyCon-2013 - Louisville,Kentucky
Keynote: Malware Trends: Past, Present, and Future HackMiami-2013 - Miami,USA Security
Why Defensive InfoSec Often Fails: Lessons From Chaos Theory Skydogcon-2012 - Nashville,USA Security
Connected Chaos: Evolving the DCG/Hackspace Communication Landscape DEF CON-20 - Las Vegas, USA
Topic: Why Defensive InfoSec Fails TakeDownCon-2012 - Dallas, USA Security
the myth of the advanced persistent threat HackerHalted-2011 - Atlanta,USA
The Need for Hackers, Hackerspaces and Hacktivism Security B-Sides-2011 - Portland, USA Security