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«Getting the most out of CSP: a deep dive» ZeroNights-2015 - moscow,russia
Headless Browser Hide and Seek Hacker2HackerCon-2014 - sao paolo,brasil
Headless Browser Hide and Seek AppSecUSA-2014 - denver,usa
Watching the Watchmen: (in)security of IP Cameras Exposed BSideSLA-2013 - Los Angeles,California
Dissecting CSRF Attacks & Countermeasures BlackHatUSA-2013 - Las Vegas,USA
To Watch or to Be Watched? Turning Your Surveillance Camera Against You phdays-2013 - moscow,russia
To Watch or Be Watched: Turning Your Surveillance Camera Against You HITBSecConf Amsterdam-2013 - Amsterdam, Netherlands
Hacking with WebSockets BSidesPDX-2012 - Portland,USA Security
HACKING WITH WEBSOCKETS BlackHat USA-2012 - Las Vegas, USA WebSockets Exploratory
Tweaking to Get Away from SlowDOS Security B-Sides Detroit-2012 - Detroit, USA Security
Are you ready for slow reading? Security B-Sides London-2012 - London, UK Security
Yet Another Type of Application Layer Denial of Service Attack that Should Be Taken Care of Security B-Sides San Francisco-2012 - San Francisco, USA Security