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The first collision for full SHA-1 crypto-2017 - santa barbara,usa
Fillory of PHY: Toward a Periodic Table of Signal Corruption Exploits and Polyglots in Digital Radio WOOT-2016 - austin,usa
Caring for file formats troopers-2016 - heidelberg,germany
Trusting Files Formats: Illusions or Reality? HackLu-2015 - parcHotel,Luxembourg
Advanced PDF Tricks (A.P.T) - a Workshop-style Presentation to Understand the PDF File Format Troopers-2015 - Heidelberg,Germany
Funky File Formats CCC-2014 - Hamburg,Germany
Preserving arcade games CCC-2014 - Hamburg,Germany
HIDE ANDROID APPLICATIONS IN IMAGES BlackHatEU-2014 - amsterdam,netherlands
Schizophrenic Files – A file that thinks it's many Area41-2014 - zurich,switzerland
Evading Identification and Detection by Messing with Binary Formats 44Con-2013 - London,UK
Binary art: Byteing the PE that fails you Hashdays-2012 - Lucerne,Switzerland Attack Windows PE
A Bit More of PE Hack In Paris-2012 - Paris, France Security
x86 & PE BerlinSides-2011 - Berlin, Germany
Such a weird processor - messing with x86 opcodes (and PE files too...) hashdays-2011 - Lucerne, Switzerland Security