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Panel: DNSSEC algorithm flexibility ORAC24-2016 - buenos aires,argentina
DNSSEC: Securing the DNS and beyond Sector-2012 - Toronto,Canada Security
Defending Your DNS in a Post-Kaminsky World BlackHatDC-2009 - Washington,USA
Dnssec: Theory And Worldwide Operational Experiences SecTor-2007 - Canada Security
Mobile Phone Call Encryption Chaos Communication Congress-23 - Berlin, Germany Security
Privacy Through Technology: A Hands-On HOPE Number 6-2006 - USA Security Privacy
Windows Wavesec Deployment DEF CON-12 - Las Vegas, USA Security
Windows Wavesec Deployment Blackhat Europe-2004 - Amsterdam, The Netherlands Security
Deploying Dnssec DEF CON-11 - Las Vegas, USA Security
Lawful Interception In The Netherlands And Germany Chaos Communication Congress-18 - Berlin, Germany Security