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Title Conference Tags
T vs T or Why my offensive punch beats your forensics stance t2-2017 - helsinki,finland
Sweet Tools O' Mine - because you don't hunt lions with blanks t2-2016 - helsinki,finland
Y por último, pero no por ello menos importante… RootedCon-2015 - Madrid,spain
Code your (p)own Flight Simulator t2InfoSecCon-2014 - helsinki,finland
Going deeper on aviation security SecT-2014 - Fribourg,switzerland
Going deeper on aviation security RootedCon-2014 - Madrid,Spain
Going deeper on aviation security t2-2013 - Helsinki,Finland
Digging Deeper into Aviation Security HITBSecConf Malaysia-2013 - Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia
Aircraft hacking Sec-T-2013 - Stockholm,Sweden
Cyber Attack: A Dull Tool to Shape Foreign Policy CyCON-2013 - Tallinn, Estonia
Aircraft Hacking: Practical Aero Series HITBSecConf Amsterdam-2013 - Amsterdam, Netherlands Air Traffic Control Aircraft
Inguma 0.5 - Red Wagon RootedCon-2012 - Spain Security