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Title Conference Tags
Voltron: Defender of the Universe Kiwicon-2014 - wellington,New zealand
Thunderbolts and Lightning / Very, Very Frightening BruCon-2014 - brussels,belgium
Thunderbolts and Lightning: Very Very Frightening Syscan-2014 - Merchant Court,Singapore
The Mathematics of Wonton Burrito Meals Breakpoint-2013 - Melbourne, Austrailia
The Mathematics of Wonton Burrito Meals NordicSecCon-2013 - Reykjavik, Iceland
DE MYSTERIIS DOM JOBSIVS: MAC EFI ROOTKITS Ruxcon-2012 - Melbourne, Australia EFI Bootkit Apple FileVault
Defiling Mac OS X KiwiCon-2011 - Wellington, New Zealand Security