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Tales from the Firewall BSidesWashington-2019 - Washington, USA
Fast-track your Hacking Career – Why Take The Slow Lane? BSidesLasVegas-2018 - Las Vegas, USA
Cyber Intent: Cybersecurity BSidesDC-2015 - washington,usa
IPv6 GURU Hands-On Certification Training and Lab BSidesDC-2014 - washington,usa
Hacking Rants (from an almost old guy) BSidesDC-2014 - washington,usa
IPv6 Security and Unicorns NAIPv6Summiy-2014 - denver,usa
IPv6 Now! What Does This Mean? HOPE-9 - New York Security
Ipv6, For Worse Or Better SecTor-2010 - Canada Security
Ipv6, The Next Generation Network Playground - How To Connect And Explore The Last HOPE-2008 - USA Security Firewall IPv6
Information Leakage— You Posted What?! DEF CON-11 - Las Vegas, USA Security