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Title Conference Tags
Keynote: Post Quantum Future NDCSecurity-2020 - London, UK
Securing a Security Enterprise NDCSecurity-2020 - London, UK
Professionally Paranoid in 2018 Paraonoia2018-2018 - Oslo, Norway
Keynote Nullcon-2016 - goa,india
Panel 1: Cyber Forensic Readiness at Company/Organisation level ICSS-2015 - Leuven,belgium
Panel – Keeping Your Boss Out of Jail! EMEAcongress-2014 - London,UK
Keynote - Data Security Today - A Tale of Evolution EMEAcongress-2014 - London,UK
Incidents - How Do We Deal With Them? IDCITSecRoShowBelgium-2014 - mechelen,belgium
Incidents - How Do We Deal With Them? IDCITSecRoShow-2014 - utrecht,netherlands
Government Ip_Tapping DEF CON-11 - Las Vegas, USA Security
Lawful Interception Of Ip: The European Context Blackhat Europe-2003 - Amsterdam, The Netherlands Security Privacy Legal Development
Lawful Interception Of Ip Traffic: The European Context Chaos Communication Congress-19 - Berlin, Germany Security Legal Development