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Welcome General IMF-2015 - Magdeburg,Germany
Wrap up Day1 amd information for the evening event IMF-2015 - Magdeburg,Germany
Supporting Forensic Design - a Course Profile to Teach Forensics IMF-2015 - Magdeburg,Germany
DigiDak(+) Results: From Fingerprints, Locksmith, Firearm and Fibre Traces to challenges in the digital forensic analysis IMF-2015 - Magdeburg,Germany
From StirMark to StirTrace: Benchmarking Pattern Recognition Based Printed Fingerprint Detection, IHMMSEC-2014 - Salzburg,Austria
Digital Crime Scene Analysis: Automatic Matching of Firing Pin Impressions on Cartridge Bottoms using 2D and 3D Spatial Features, IHMMSEC-2014 - Salzburg,Austria
A model for types of internet-based communication (short talk) IMF-2014 - Munster,Germany
First Investigation of Latent Fingerprints Long-term Aging using Chromatic White Light Sensors IHMMSEC-2013 - Montpellier,France
Statistical Pattern Recognition Based Content Analysis on encrypted network traffics IMF-2013 - Nuremberg, Germany
IT-forensic automotive investigations on the example of route reconstruction on automotive system and communication data SafeComp-2012 - Toulouse,France
Approximation of a Mathematical Aging Function for Latent Fingerprint Traces Based on First Experiments using a Chromatic White Light (CWL) Sensor and the Binary Pixel Aging Feature CMS-2011 - Ghent, Belgium
First design approach: security warnings for children's smart phones CMS-2011 - Ghent, Belgium Security