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Winter is Coming Back: Defeating the Most Advanced Rowhammer Defenses to Gain Root and Kernel Privileges BlackHatAsia2019-2019 - Singapore, Singapore
InstaGuard: Instantly Deployable Hot-patches for Vulnerable System Programs on Android. NDSS-2018 - san diego,usa
Transcend: Detecting Concept Drift in Malware Classification Models usenixsecurity-2017 - vancouver,canada
Adaptive Android Kernel Live Patching usenixsecurity-2017 - vancouver,canada
SecPod: a Framework for Virtualization-based Security Systems ATC-2015 - Santa Clara,USA
ARMlock: Hardware-based Fault Isolation for ARM CCS-2014 - Scottsdale,USA
Systematic Audit of Thirty-Party Android Phones CODASPY-2014 - San Antonio, USA
DIVILAR: Diversifying Intermediate Language for Anti-Repackaging on Android Platform CODASPY-2014 - San Antonio, USA
Process Out-Grafting: An Efficient Out-of-VM Approach for Fine-Grained Process Execution Monitoring Confrence-on-computer-communications-security-2011 - Chicago, USA