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Reverse Engineering Microcontroller Firmware BSidesLisbon-2018 - Lisbon, Portugal
KEYNOTE: Of Unicorns and Replicants SecurityFest-2017 - gothenburg,sweden
Building your own hardware for hardware hacking BsidesManchester-2016 - manchester,uk
Naughty Toys For Wicked Girls And Boys bsideslondon-2016 - london,uk
Your career is a system. It's time to root it. BSidesLisbon-2015 - Lisbon,Portugal
T1W1-Breaking In to Pentesting: Student Edition BSidesUK-2015 - London,UK
Securing the Internet of Things OWASPAppSecEu-2015 - Amsterdam,Netherlands
Breaking In: How to hack your way to a Cybersecurity career, and how to hack it if you already have one 44ConCyberSecurity-2015 - London,UK
The Infosec Pub Quiz! 44Con-2014 - london,UK
Set Sail For Enterprise Fail Security B-Sides London-2012 - London, UK Security
Drop It Like It's Hotspot: Hacking Mifi Routers For Nefarious Purposes Blackhat Europe-2012 - Amsterdam, The Netherlands Security
Breaking, Entering and Pentesting BSidesLondon-2010 - London,UK
Firewall? What Firewall? (Or "It's Common Criteria, it must be safe, I read it on the Internet") BSidesLondon-2010 - London,UK