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Conundrums in Cyberspace: Exploiting Security in the Name of, well, Security. RSACon-2014 - San Francisco, USA
Making a Case for Security Optimism RSA USA-2013 - San Francisco, USA Introductory Defence
KEYNOTE: Security Development, a Foundation for Trust Security Development Conference-2012 - Washington DC, USA Security
Creating A Safer, More Trusted Internet RSA-2010 - Amsterdam,Netherkands
Creating A Safer, More Trusted Internet RSA-2010 - San Francisco, USA
Moving Towards ‘End to End Trust’: A Collaborative Effort RSA-2009 - San Francisco,USA
Enabling End-to-End Trust First-2008 - Vancouver,Canada
Enabling End-to-End Trust AUScert-2008 - Gold Coast, Australia
Keynote:Toward the Future: The Need for Trustworthy Computing First-2002 - Waikoala Village,Hawaii
Keynote Sovereignty in a Borderless Internet First-2000 - Chicago,USA