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Mitigating Cyber Risk with Technology: What You Need to Consider ICRMC-2019 - Toronto, Canada
Then and Now – Inventing the CISO Role cisoglobal-2017 - scottsdale,usa
Defending Against the Rising Trend of SAP Cyberattacks CISOsanfrancisco-2016 - san francisco,usa
Sharing in Solidarity for a Common Defense CISOsanfran-2015 - san francisco,usa
Can the CISO Facilitate Convergence of IT and Physical Security? CISOGlobalSummit-2014 - New York,usa
The Many Challenges of BYOD CISOSanFrancisco-2012 - San Francisco,USA
Hacker Doctrine In Information Warfare Blackhat Asia-2002 - Tokyo, Japan Security
Hacker Doctrine In Information Warfare DEF CON-09 - Las Vegas, USA Security