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Logic Bug Hunting in Chrome on Android Infiltrate-2017 - miami,usa
Logic Bug Hunting in Chrome on Android CanSecWest-2017 - vancouver,canada
LoRa the Explorer - Attacking and Defending LoRa systems bsideslondon-2016 - london,uk
Workshop 2 - Session 3: Glitch attacks against embedded systems bsideslondon-2016 - london,uk
Style over Substance - how OEMs are breaking Android security t2InfoSecCon-2014 - helsinki,finland
Insecure out of the box: Leveraging Android manufacturer's mistakes to attack corporate networks BSidesCapeTown-2014 - CapeTown,South Africa
Insecure Out of the box BSidesLondon-2014 - London,UK
Welcoming Remarks IFIP-2012 - Washington DC, USA
Keynote Lecture Why I am Going to Target Your Infrastructure IFIP-2012 - Washington DC, USA