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Education/Security Awareness CyberSecurityPrivacy-2017 - prishtina,kosovo
USB Hacking CyberSecurityPrivacy-2017 - prishtina,kosovo
Hackers in the Wire and Drones Oh My! 44con-2015 - London,UK
15-Minute Linux Incident Response Live Analysis 44con-2015 - London,UK
Autonomous Remote Hacking Drones (requirements) BruCon-2014 - brussels,belgium
Your own pentesting army complete with air support SECtor-2013 - Toronto,Canada
Pwnage from the Skies! GrrCon-2013 - Michigan,USA
We are Legion: Pentesting with an Army of Low-power Low-cost Devices DEFCON-2013 - Las Vegas,Nevada
Mesh Stalkings Thotcon-2013 - Chicago,USA Security
Battery-Powered Pentesting and Forensics GrrCON-2012 - Michigan, USA Security
Bypassing Endpoint Security for $20 or Less DEF CON-20 - Las Vegas, USA Security
Practical and Cost-Effective USB Write Blocking ForenSecure-2012 - Wheaton, USA Security
I Hear Chimes: USB Flash Drive Forensics Security B-Sides Iowa-2012 - Iowa Security
Preventing "Oh Shit!" Moments for 20 Euros or Less Blackhat Europe-2012 - Amsterdam, The Netherlands Security
USB Flash Drive Forensics 44Con-2011 - London,UK