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Sunrise to Sunset: Analyzing the End-to-end Life Cycle and Effectiveness of Phishing Attacks at Scale 29thUSENIXSecuritySymposium-2020 - Berkeley, USA
PhishTime: Continuous Longitudinal Measurement of the Effectiveness of Anti-phishing Blacklists 29thUSENIXSecuritySymposium-2020 - Berkeley, USA
PhishFarm: A Scalable Framework for Measuring the Effectiveness of Evasion Techniques Against Browser Phishing Blacklists IEEESymposium-2019 - San Francisco, US
Scaling the Villain – How Everyday Criminals Are Expanding the Threat Landscape CISOphoenix-2016 - phoenix,usa
An Inside Look at PayPal’s Automated Intelligence Exchange ecrime-2016 - toronto,canada
REAPER: An automated, scalable solution for mass user credential harvesting and OSINT ecrime-2016 - toronto,canada
Hacking for Profit: The Account Compromise Kill Chain CactusCon-2015 - Arizona,USA
Assessing the Gap:Measure the Impact of Phishing on Your Organization eCrimeResearchSymposium-2014 - birmingham,usa
Voice of the Customer: What is the Real Experience? ecrime-2013 - San Francisco, USA
Clustering Potential Phishing Websites Using DeepMD5 5th USENIX Workshop on Large-Scale Exploits and Emergent Threats-2012 - San Francisco, USA Phishing