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TruStar and CyberUSA CyberUSA-2018 - texas,usa
Shadowbrokers, Attribution, and Responsible Disclosure SuitsandSpooks-2017 - washington,usa
Demo TruSTAR SuitsandSpooks-2017 - washington,usa
Air Traffic Management and Cybersecurity SuitsandSpooks-2017 - washington,usa
OPENING KEYNOTE: Cyber Intelligence Exchange: It’s Difficult, Possible, and Absolutely Necessary SecureWorldDallas-2016 - dallas,usa
AIAA Panel: Commercial Aerospace Threat Space (NO PRESS) Suitsandspooks-2016 - washington,usa
How Can U.S. Multinational Companies Do Business Overseas And Still Protect Their Assets? Suitsandspooks-2016 - washington,usa
The Twenty Critical Security Controls for Effective Cyber Defense MENA Information Security Conference-2012 - Dead Sea, Jordan Security
Tackling Cyber Security Challenges Today: A Dialogue with Senior Cyber Experts RSA-2009 - San Francisco,USA
Beyond Best: "Practiced" Practices for Secure Software Development RSA-2009 - San Francisco,USA
Keynote: The Move from Strategic Indecision to Leadership in Cyberspace BlackHatDC-2009 - Washington,USA