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what cisos can learn from 3 letter agency security programs Deep-2017 - boston,usa
Why Building Trusted Computer Systems is our Only Hope CyberMaryland-2015 - maryland,usa
What Trusted Computing History Teaches Us about Today's Challenges RSAus-2015 - San Francisco,USA
OPENING KEYNOTE: The Truth About Cybersecurity SecureWorldExpoSeattle-2014 - Bellebue,USA
The Truth About Securing Networks and Systems ISSAinternationalcon-2014 - orlando,usa
Morning Keynote Speaker NYITCybersecurity-2014 - manhattan,usa
Keeping Cyber Criminals and Nation State Hackers out of Your Networks Govsec-2014 - Washington,USA
Learning from the Frontlines – From Past to Present CISONewYork-2013 - New York,USA
The Cyber Espionage Threat – You are a Player CS040SecConFab-2013 - California,USA
Panel Discussion: What’s the Downside of Private Sector Offensive Engagement? Suits And Spooks DC-2013 - Washington, USA
Panel Discussion: If the ITU Assumes Ownership of the Internet, how may that impact Offensive Cyber Operations by Nation States and Other Policy Considerations? Suits And Spooks DC-2013 - Washington, USA
Preparing for Cyber War CDANS-2013 - UK, London Security
Panel: Device Security and the Intelligence Community Amphion Forum-2012 - Washington DC, USA
The Cyber Espionage Threat You are a Player The Security Confab-2012 - La Jolla, USA Security