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Title Conference Tags
Medical malware on Android NoHatComputerSecurityConference-2020 - Virtual, Virtual
Malware and Cybercrime in Medical IoT CopenhagenCyberCrime-2020 - Virtual, Virtual
THE INNER GUTS OF A CONNECTED GLUCOSE SENSOR FOR DIABETES BlackAlps19-2019 - Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland
Cryptocurrency mobile malware Insomni'Hack-2019 - Geneva, Switzerland
Android malware reverse engineering hacklu-2016 - parchotel,luxembourg
Geek usages for your Fitbit Flex tracker HackLu-2015 - parcHotel,Luxembourg
Fitness Tracker: Hack In Progress Hacktivity-2015 - budapest,hungary
Criminal Profiling: Android Malware NuitDuHack-2015 - Paris,France
SherlockDroid, an Inspector for Android Marketplaces Hacklu-2014 - Luxembourg,Germany
HIDE ANDROID APPLICATIONS IN IMAGES BlackHatEU-2014 - amsterdam,netherlands
Pre-filtering Mobile Malware with Heuristic Techniques grehack-2013 - Grenoble, France
Playing Hide and Seek with Dalvik Executables hacktivity-2013 - Budapest,Hungary
An Attacker's Day into Virology: Human vs Computer Blackhat Europe-2012 - Amsterdam, The Netherlands
An OpenBTS GSM replication jail for mobile malware Virus Bulletin-2011 - Barcelona, Spain Security
Defeating Mtans For Profit ShmooCon-2011 - Washington DC, USA Security Analysis
The Four Horsemen – Malware for mobile CONfidence-2010 - Krakow,Poland