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SKEE: A lightweight Secure Kernel-level Execution Environment for ARM NDSS-2016 - california,usa
EASEAndroid: Automatic Policy Analysis and Refinement for Security Enhanced Android via Large-Scale Semi-Supervised Learning SecuritySymposium-2015 - washington,USA
HideM: Protecting the Contents of Userspace Memory in the Face of Disclosure Vulnerabilities codapspy-2015 - San Antonio,USA
SEER: Practical Memory Virus Scanning as a Service ACSAC-2014 - new orleans,usa
Hypervision Across Worlds: Real-time Kernel Protection from the ARM TrustZone Secure World CCS-2014 - Scottsdale,USA
Introducing the Samsung KNOX, CNS-2014 - san francisco,usa
Dynamic Adaptive Anti-Jamming via Controlled Mobility IEEECNS-2013 - Washington, USA
MetaSymploit: Day-One Defense against Script-based Attacks with Security-Enhanced Symbolic Analysis USENIX-2013 - Washington, D.C.
Efficient, Compromise Resilient and Append-only Cryptographic Schemes for Secure Audit Logging Financial Cryptography and Data Security-2013 - Bonaire,Netherlands
iHTTP: Efficient Authentication of Non-Confidential HTTP Traffic 10th International Conference on Applied Cryptography and Network Security-2012 - Singapore
iHTTP: Efficient Authentication of Non-Confidential HTTP Traffic ACNS-2013 - Alberta,Canada