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Investigating Macs at the Speed of Compromise BSidesAugusta-2019 - Augusta, USA
Leveraging Deception Techniques for Strong Detection BSidesAugusta-2018 - Augusta, USA
Machine Learning Fueled Cyber Threat Hunting bsidesaugusta-2017 - georgia,usa
know the advesary: infiltrating command and control comm's BSidesMSP-2017 - minneapolis,usa
Using Ransomware Against Itself BSidesAugusta-2016 - georgia,usa
Inside real APT BSidesMSP-2016 - minneapolis,usa
Infiltrating C2 Infrastructure BsidesAugusta-2015 - Augusta,USA
Infosec in the 21st century GrrCon-2014 - grand rapids,usa
Techniques for Fast Windows Investigations BSidesAugusta-2014 - augusta,usa
Finding and Decoding C2 (command and control) on your network GrrCON-2012 - Michigan, USA
Seriously? You Expect Me to Believe Cyber-Spies Want my Data? Security B-Sides Detroit-2012 - Detroit, USA Security