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Pitfalls of Vulnerability Rating & A New Approach Called ERRS (ERNW Rapid Rating System) TROOPERS-2013 - Heidelberg, Germany
Some Notes on Web Application Firewalls or Why You still Get Owned TROOPERS-2012 - Heidelberg, Germany
Integration Of The New German Id Card (Npa) In Enterprise Environments Ñ Prospects, Costs & Threats TROOPERS-2011 - Heidelberg, Germany Security
How To Rate The Security Of Closed Source Software HITBSecConf Amsterdam-2010 - Amsterdam, The Netherlands Security Analysis
How To Rate The Security Of Closed Source Software TROOPERS-2010 - Heidelberg, Germany
Hacking 2Nd Life (Tm) TROOPERS-2008 - Munich, German Security
Reversing - A Structured Approach TROOPERS-2008 - Munich, German Reverse Engineering
Hacking Second Life Blackhat Europe-2008 - Amsterdam, The Netherlands Security
Nac@Ack SecTor-2007 - Canada Security
Nacattack Blackhat USA-2007 - Las Vegas, USA Security
Nacattack Blackhat Europe-2007 - Amsterdam, The Netherlands Security
NACATTACK BlackHatDC-2007 - Washington,USA