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Title Conference Tags
Analysis of the MD5 Collision in Flame SummerCon-2012 - Brooklyn, USA Security
Modern Exploitation And Memory Protection Bypasses 18th USENIX Security Symposium-2009 - Montreal, Canada Security Exploitation
Breaking The Security Myths Of Extended Validation Ssl Certificates Blackhat USA-2009 - Las Vegas, USA Security SSL
The Partial Disclosure Dilemma SOURCE Boston-2009 - Boston, USA Security
Md5 Considered Harmful Today Chaos Communication Congress-25 - Berlin, Germany Security
Blackbox Reversing Of Xss Filters ekoparty-2008 - Buenos Aires, Argentina Security
How To Impress Girls With Browser Memory Protection Bypasses Blackhat USA-2008 - Las Vegas, USA Security Browser
Blackbox Reversing Of XSS Filters REcon-2008 - Montreal,Canada
Defeating Aslr And Dep Protections On Windows Vista SyScan-2008 - Singapore Security Exploitation
Javascript Heap Exploitation Methods SyScan-2007 - Singapore Security Exploitation
Heap Feng Shui In Javascript Blackhat USA-2007 - Las Vegas, USA Security Exploitation
Heap Feng Shui In Javascript Blackhat Europe-2007 - Amsterdam, The Netherlands Security Exploitation
Heap Feng Shui in JavaScript BlackHatDC-2007 - Washington,USA
Hotpatching and the Rise of Third-Party Patches BlackhatUSA-2006 - Las Vegas,USA
Reverse Engineering Microsoft Binaries SyScan-2006 - Singapore Security Malware
Reverse Engineering Microsoft Binaries REcon-2006 - Montreal,Canada