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Hey You, Get Off Of My Cloud: Denial of Service in the *aaS Era Security Development Conference-2012 - Washington DC, USA Security
Server-Side JavaScript Injection: Attacking NoSQL and Node.js BlackhatUSA-2011 - Las Vegas,USA
Stop Exposing Yourself: Principles of Attack Surface Analysis and Reduction RSA-2011 - N.A,US
Hey You, Get Off Of My Cloud: Denial of Service in the *aaS Era BlackHatDC-2011 - Washington,USA
Cryptographic Agility: Defending Against The Sneakers Scenario Blackhat USA-2010 - Las Vegas, USA Security Cryptography
Agile Security; or, How to Defend Applications with Five-Day-Long Release Cycles BlackHatDC-2010 - Washington, USA
Defensive Rewriting: A New Take On Xss/Xsrf/Redirect-Phishing Defense Blackhat USA-2009 - Las Vegas, USA Security
Panel Discussion Ñ Waf Vs. Sdl Shootouts Q&A Format Topical Panel Discussion. BlueHat-2008 - Redmond, USA Security
Microsoft Security Grunts BlueHat-2008 - Redmond, USA Security
Rest For The Wicked Blackhat USA-2008 - Las Vegas, USA Security
Premature Ajax-ulation BlackHatDC-2007 - Washington,USA