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“SEeing” Potential in Your Team HumanHackingConference-2020 - Orlando, USA
Keynote Address HumanHackingConference-2020 - Orlando, USA
So you want to be a Social Engineer derbycon-2017 - derby,usa
Dec0ding Humans Live DerbyCon-2015 - louisville,USA
Social Engineering for Fun and Profit PHDays-2015 - Moscow,Russia
Social Engineering: When the Phone is More Dangerous than Malware RSACon-2014 - San Francisco, USA
Unmasking the Social Engineer and Social Engineering RSACon-2014 - San Francisco, USA
Nonverbal Human Hacking Hack In Paris-2012 - Paris, France Security
WORKSHOP: How to Hack Large Companies and Make Millions BlackHatDC-2011 - Washington,USA