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Chip reversing ZeroNights-2014 - moscow,russia
Physical Characterization of Arbiter PUFs CHES-2014 - busan,korea
attacking microchips through the backside PacSec-2013 - Tokyo,Japan
Future Proof Integrated Circuits Analysis Techniques t2-2013 - Helsinki,Finland
Backside IC analysis ToorConSanDiego-2013 - San Diego,USA
Introducing Die Datenkrake: Programmable Logic for Hardware Security Analysis WOOT-2013 - Washington, DC
Keep your tentacles off my bus, introducing Die Datenkrake. REcon-2013 - Montreal,Canada
Let the Hardware Do All the Work: Adding Programmable Logic to Your Toolbox phdays-2013 - moscow,russia
Backside optical analysis hardware/software running on ICs REcon-2012 - Montreal, Canada Hardware Reverse Engineering