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Cyber League - Rise of the University CTF BSides2018MANCH35T3R-2018 - Manchester, United Kingdom
The Business of Botnets CyberMaryland-2015 - maryland,usa
The Social Network Panel at RSA Conference RSAus-2015 - San Francisco,USA
Terror Gone Social: The Islamic State and Social Media RSAus-2015 - San Francisco,USA
Accelerating Maryland's Culture of Innovation CyberMaryland-2014 - Baltimore,USA
Human Honeypots: Social Engineering, Sexploitation, and Cyber Espionage BSidesDC-2013 - Washington, USA
Top Five Emerging Companies CyberMaryLand-2013 - Baltimore,USA
General Session: Check Your Assumptions at the Door: Risk Management in the Era of Cyber Warfare CyberMaryLand-2013 - Baltimore,USA
Insidious Implicit Windows Trust Relationships BSidesDetroit-2013 - Detroit,USA Security
The First Step in Incident Response: Prepare. Security B-Sides Detroit-2012 - Detroit, USA Security
Black Hat Stand-up Take Two: So What If I Dont Sell My Vulnerabilities BlackhatUSA-2006 - Las Vegas,USA
Black Hat Stand-Up Take Two: So What If I Don’T Sell My Vulnerabilities… Blackhat USA-2005 - Las Vegas, USA Security
BlackHat Standup: “Yea I’m a Hacker…” BlackHatUSA-2005 - Las Vegas,USA
Catch Me If You Can: Exploiting Encase, Microsoft, Computer Associates, and the rest of the bunch… BlackHatUSA-2005 - Las Vegas,USA
Managing Hackers: The Top 8 Rules For Creating Productive Security Teams Blackhat USA-2004 - Las Vegas, USA Security
Without a Trace: Forensic Secrets for Windows Servers BlackHatWindows-2004 - Las Vegas,USA