From Tia To Google: Modern Threats To Privacy presented at ITWeb Security Summit 2010

by Moxie Marlinspike (Institute For Disruptive Studies),

Tags: Privacy


Summary : A lot has changed since discussions around digital privacy began. The security community won the war for strong cryptography; anonymous darknets that presumably make the eradication of information impossible have been successfully deployed, and much of the communications infrastructure has been decentralised. These strategies were carefully conceived while planning for the most dystopian visions of the future imaginable, and yet somehow they've fallen short of delivering us from the most pernicious privacy threats today. Rather than a centralised state-backed database of all our movements, modern threats to privacy have become something much more subtle, and perhaps all the more sinister. This talk will explore these evolving trends and discuss some interesting solutions in the works.

• The evolution of modern threats to privacy
• A look at interesting solutions that are in the works