Protecting Your Customers Assests: What Must You Do So That You Will Not Need The Npa presented at ITWeb Security Summit 2010

by Paul Louw (NPA),

Tags: Security Others Business


Summary : In this talk, Paul Louw (formerly with the Scorpions and now the NPA), takes a closer look at exactly where law enforcement in South Africa is at now, with some ideas of how we can improve their effectiveness, as well as the growing importance of public/private partnerships between banks and law enforcement. He will share overview of the crime threat SA business has faced since 2005, focusing on the current problem of "business on-line fraud" where the banks and/or their clients were bleeding millions during 2009. He will also draw a comparison between SA's current state of affairs and the USA where Pres Obama's strong focus on information security prompted last year's “clean slate” review of the effectiveness of legislation, strategic plans and more.

• The crime threat SA business has faced since 2005
• Law enforcement in South Africa in 2010
• SA vs the US: A global perspective on effective legislation
• What can be done to improve the effectiveness of SA's law enforcement
• Pro-active investigations to combat cybercrime
• The use of financial information as an investigative tool

Paul Louw: Deputy Director: Public Prosecutions, National Prosecuting Authority