Hacking With Gnu Radio presented at THOTCON 1

by David ( VideoMan ) Bryan,

Tags: Hardware Reverse Engineering

URL : http://www.thotcon.org/archive/speakers-0x1.html

Summary : This presentation will focus on the requ
irements for GnuRadio, cost, code, and r
adio technology basics. I will also pre
sent some of attacks that have been crea
ted using the GnuRadio, as well as my ow
n research from a successful hack of a p
roprietary Multiple Address System (MAS)
SCADA network, and a quick demo of the
GnuRadio in action.

Videoman has 10 years of experience doin
g computer security. He has worked for l
arge enterprise financial institutions t
o secure their networks. Currently a com
puter security consultant, he enjoys wor
king for NetSPI's clients to help them r
educe their risks. In his spare time he
co-manages the local DefCon Group (DC612
) and serves on the OWASP MSP board, add
itionally he helps to run the network at
DefCon. He also likes to brew beer, and
bike the many miles of pathways in Minn