30K Foot Look At Wifi presented at THOTCON 1

by Luiz "effffn" Eduardo (ysts.org),

Tags: Wireless

URL : http://www.thotcon.org/archive/speakers-0x1.html

Summary : Inflight WiFi is really nothing new, but
, it's a growing thing in the US in the
past couple of years. This talk will be
about the latest findings in this area.

Luiz "effffn" Eduardo is your everyday
security professional, with a strong net
work and WiFi background. He's a regular
speaker at security cons like DefCon, h
iTB Malaysia, Toorcon, Shmoocon, H2HC, L
ayerone and others. It's somewhat known
for having implemented WiFi at some of y
our favorite security cons and is one of
the organizers of a Brazilian security
conference YSTS (you sh0t the sherfiff).