War Driving For Warehouses presented at THOTCON 1

by Rob Havelt (SpiderLabs @ Trustwave),

Tags: Wireless

URL : http://www.thotcon.org/archive/speakers-0x1.html

Summary : Focusing on mostly industrial areas with
warehouse facilities that have been aro
und at least 10 years can be quite enlig
htening when you lift the veil and wardr
ive for legacy 802.11 FHSS. This talk wi
ll show you a functioning War Drive Rig
for this wireless technology in action,
and provide some Wardrive maps of comple
tely open networks in the Milwaukee/Chic
ago North Burbs to show how relevant thi
s technology still is.

Rob Havelt is the Practice Manager for P
enetration Testing at Trustwave's Spider
Labs, the advanced security team respons
ible for Penetration Testing, Applicatio
n Security, and Incident Response for Tr
ustwave's clients. Formerly a bourbon-fu
eled absurdist, raconteur, and man about
town, currently a sardonic workaholic o
ccasionally seeking meaning in the finer
things in life. When Rob isn't working w
hich is rare, he's usually trying to mak
e the perfect cup of coffee, or obsessin
g over things like surrealist Czech vamp
ire movies from the seventies.