Beholder Wids Tool presented at THOTCON 1

by Nelson Murilo,

Tags: Application Security


Summary : Although it's not something new, network
administrators are still facing old pro
blems. One of these problems is to be ab
le to detect rogue and/or fake access po
ints in their networks and surroundings.
The solutions available are mostly comme
rcial and/ or proprietary, but still no
open-source tool. Now there is: Beholder
. The talk will include a brief introduc
tion on the general state of the commerc
ial WIDS and will be mostly focused on t
he Beholder project. Beholder is an C la
nguage opensource tool available (for no
w) for linux platforms, it can be used f
or whatever 802.11 technology the nic ca
rd supports and it isn't driver dependen
t, run in all available linux wifi drive

Nelson Murilo has been a Network Securit
y Analyst since 1992. He is the author o
f two network security books in Portugue
se and a regular contributor of Brazilia
n Computer Emergency Response Team publi
shed papers (security guides and technic
al papers). Nelson is the author and co-
author of open source security tools lik
e chkrootkit and Btsearch. Regular speak
er in Brazil and international conferenc
es and is one of the organizers of a Bra
zilian security conference YSTS (you sh0
t the sheriff).