Where Did Those Damn Packets Go? presented at THOTCON 1

by Kevin A Nassery (US Bank),

Tags: Security Infrastructure Access Monitoring

URL : http://www.thotcon.org/archive/speakers-0x1.html

Summary : Passive network monitoring has been a fo
undational to network security architect
ures for over a decade. IDS, DLP, link
capacity planning, and network troublesh
ooting usually relies on having full vis
ibility into in-flight network data. Fo
r years we sat back and enjoyed the fact
that our Pentium computers could easily
outrun our measly WAN speeds and access
ing the traffic was a simple matter of c
onfiguring a SPAN port on a switch. Toda
y we face the challenge an uphill battle
when 10GigE+ interconnects are common p
lace, virtualization platforms are keepi
ng data off our switch ports, and more a
nd more of our data is headed out our eg
ress links to the cloud. This talk will
discuss today’s challenges, provide an
overview of new product classes that can
help us stand up to those challenges, a
nd what we need to do to keep our heads
above water moving forward.

Kevin A. Nassery is a hands-on technical
architect, who has been an active Unix
systems, network, and security engineer
and consultant for more than a decade. A
fter serving for more than four years as
principal infrastructure architect for
a major online presence, he recently ret
urned to his passion of security consult
ing. At present, he is a RHCE, CISSP, an
d holds an MS from Depaul University in
Computer, Information, and Network secur
ity. He is currently a senior security c
onsultant with Consciere LLC.