Stratagem 1 - ???? presented at THOTCON 1

by Jayson E Street (Stratagem 1 Solutions),

Tags: Security Firewall


Summary : There are new threats arising everyday.
The problem is there has been a vulnerab
ility in the system that has not been pa
tched since the first computer was creat
ed Humans! As the network perimeter hard
ens and the controls on the desktop tigh
tens. Hackers are going back to the basi
cs and getting through the firewall by g
oing through the front door. They are by
passing the IPS and IDS simply by bypass
ing the receptionist. We look at this to
pic with a different viewpoint. We look
at the history as well as the culture an
d keep it offbeat with showing how 1st c
entury strategies can still be used to b
reak into 21st century networks.

Jayson E. Street is an author of the boo
k "Dissecting the hack: The F0rb1dd3n Ne
twork" from Syngress. He is well versed
in the ten domains of Information System
s security defined by the International
Information Systems Security Certificati
on Consortium ([ISC]2). He specializes i
n intrusion detection response, penetrat
ion testing, and auditing. He also has a
working knowledge of the implementation
and administration of major firewalls,
vulnerability scanners, and intrusion de
tection systems. Jayson has created and
conducted security awareness training fo
r a major Internet bank and his consulta
tion with the FBI and Secret Service on
attempted network breaches resulted in t
he capture and successful prosecution of
the criminals involved. He has also spo
ken in America, Belgium, China and at se
veral other colleges and conferences on
a variety of Information Security subjec
ts and is on the SANS GIAC Advisory Boar
das well as a mentor for SANS. On a hum
orous note he was chosen as one of Time'
s persons of the year for 2006.

Jayson E Street : CIO at Stratagem 1 Solutions