Sitehost / Web Drive - Hosting And Web Apps - The Obscurity Of Security presented at OWASP New Zealand 2010

by Quintin Russ, Mike Jager (Web Drive),

Tags: Security Web Application Security


Summary : The security of web applications has traditionally been considered to be the problem of the company whose servers they were hosted upon. However, while you can outsource the hosting of web apps, you cannot outsource the responsibility of ensuring that those apps are secure. Mike and Quintin set aside their corporate rivalry to demonstrate the gap between the way things are and the way things should be.

Quintin Russ: Quintin has carved out his own niche in the .nz hosting industry, having spent a large proportion of the last few years becoming an expert in both building and defending systems. He now runs enough infrastructure to ensure he never, ever gets a good night's sleep, and sometimes doesn't even get to snooze through Sunday mornings. Quintin has a keen interest in security, especially as it relates to web hosting. This has ranged from the vicissitudes of shared hosting to code reviews of popular blogging applications. He has previously presented at ISIG and Kiwicon 2009.

Mike Jager: Since his arrival at Web Drive in 2004, Mike has been sticking his fingers into the wall sockets of web hosting. Currently, he herds packets, mutters at clouds, and sneaks up on web applications, tricking them into scaling horizontally when they least expect it. Mike holds a BE in Computer Systems Engineering from the University of Auckland, and has been spotted presenting recently at NZNOG, APRICOT and the occasional ISIG meeting.