Taint Analysis Of Javascript Code To Detect Web Application Vulnerabilities presented at OWASP AppSec Brasil 2010

by Gabriel Quadros (Conviso IT Security),

Tags: Security Browser

URL : http://www.owasp.org/index.php/AppSec_Brasil_2010#tab=Schedule

Summary : Modern Web applications make increasing use of client-side code, with JavaScript being the most present in most of them. Several vulnerabilities are introduced through the careless use of this language. The publicly available analysis tools are usually based on pattern matching to find potential vulnerabilities, but this is not an efficient approach to analyze large amounts of code. Therefore, there is a need to develop tools to perform more advanced analysis like Taint Analysis and Symbolic Execution. This article discusses various approaches to dynamic analysis of JavaScript code and presents the JsInstrumentator tool, which is being developed by Conviso Security Labs.